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Article 1: Name and Location

  1. The Foundation is named: Maria Patricia Garcia Foundation (The Dutch name of Foundation is Stichting).
  2. It is located in the municipality Waalre, in the Netherlands.

Article 2: Purpose

  1. The Foundation aims to:
    • support (in financial terms) one or more orphanages in Colombia, in particular (although not limited to) the orphanage of Instituto Hijas de Maria Inmaculada y Corredentora in Bogota (Colombia),
    • improve the care and living conditions at these orphanages,
    • organizing or otherwise (financially) supporti educational projects for disadvantaged children in Colombia,
    • recruit and manage funds for the care and development of disadvantaged children in Colombia,
    • provide additional support of anything else necessary.
  2. The Foundation has an ideological purpose and is not intended to make a profit.

Article 3: Emoluments and Contributions

  1. The funds of the Foundation consist of:
    • donations, grants and other contributions;
    • proceeds of any services;
    • gifts, inheritances and legacies;
    • all other lawful income.
  2. Testamentary dispositions may be accepted only under the benefit of inventory.
  3. The Foundation will not hold more power than is strictly necessary for the continuity of the work planned in line with the objectives of the Foundation.