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Colombia Kaart

Colombia is 30 times larger than the Netherlands and is located in northwestern South America. The country has 45 million inhabitants, bordered by Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil and Venezuela. Colombia is a varied landscape with beautiful beaches, the Andes mountains, fertile valleys and tropical rainforests.

Unfortunately Colombia has many problems. The country has experienced a civil war for 40 years to date, causing many people to flee from the city. In total there are now three million domestic refugees. These are not recognized by the UN because they have fled within the country. In addition, the cultivation and trafficking of cocaine adds to the country’s problems.

Unemployment is high, with a large drift from rural to urban areas, whilst the formation of slums and urban poverty is increasing. The country has virtually no middle class. Apart from a small group of the very rich, most of the population earn the minimum wage of approx € 130, per month. Many people are even under this minimum. This poverty has resulted in many people trying to sell anything on the streets. Many young children feel forced into prostitution or are recruited as child soldiers.

Colombia Vlag

The children in Colombia from poor families have little or no opportunities, and orphans have virtually no chances in life. Education is (usually) not followed or prematurely aborted. Many children often work on the streets from a young age.

This life on the street has many dangers. A lack of love and attention often turn these children to alcohol and drugs. In Colombia, underprivileged children are taken off the streets daily by the police.