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Maria Patricia Garcia Foundation is entirely dependent on individuals and companies, as it receives no financial support from the Dutch government. Your gift or donation is therefore more than just a source of income ... it is a necessity to continue its operation. This is the reason why we are extremely careful in choosing how we spend your money.

You can support us financially in a number of different ways. The most flexible method is the one-time or periodic donations to the account of the Foundation Maria Patricia Garcia "in Waalre. This is easy to set up for the long term, even for people who are less familiar with mandated periodic depreciation. We also accept donations from inheritances. All these forms are tax deductible. For questions about or assistance please contact us.

For the proper care of the children, we need to provide them with a home with room to play, sleep, food and education. This needs money. Help the orphans by donating a gift, an initiative or a good idea? Or do you wish to support orphans in a different way? Sign up and become a friend of the Foundation Maria Patricia Garcia.

Donations are important for the "Foundation Maria Patricia Garcia" because they provide a basis for both the short and the longer period. We are also happy with a one-time donation. Deposit your donation to account number (Rabobank) NL RABO 1431.17.718 tnv Stichting 'Maria Patricia Garcia "in Waalre.

What is the money spent on? Purchasing a meal for one child in Colombia costs as little as €0.75. Other items include basic household needs such as a refrigerator €400, a fan € 40, a washing machine € 300, a gas stove or oven € 200. In addition the salary of a teacher costs € 260 per month.


PostHeaderIcon How your money gets to where it belongs ...

In recent years billions of euros have been put in development aid, allowing people in need to gain a better life. Donators have the right to ask whether this money will arrive at the proper parties. Corruption and misguided policies have too often led money used for ineffective or wrongful ways. The 'Foundation Maria Patricia Garcia' is therefore constantly improving its processes and increasing its transparency on the way it spends the donations. 'Foundation Maria Patricia Garcia' is committed to an effective and sustainable use of your money.

On behalf of the orphans, we thank you for your support!


PostHeaderIcon Gift

You can make just one, or multiple donations into the bank account of the SMPG. There are two conditions, which will enable the donations to be eligible for tax deductions for charitable donations:

  1. the total donations in the relevant tax year must be greater than 1% of the threshold of you and your fiscal partner and at least € 60,-,
  2. the deduction is limited to a maximum of 10% of the above income.

PostHeaderIcon Gift annuity

You can donate for a minimum of five years for a fixed amount (minimum € 125.00 per year) and periodic payment to the SMPG. The annual installments without threshold or ceiling, are fully deductible from your income.

The conditions for a gift annuity to SMPG:

For a gift annuity, a notary deed needs to be drawn up. This can be handled by our solicitor for you. We can issue a proxy form. Gifts are given out of generosity (no fees). The deed is for a minimum period of five calendar years. The annual amount of grant must equal the installments of a lump sum transferred.

We will send you a proxy form that you complete and send us back. We have our solicitor draw up the deed and send you a copy. If you want to contribute to the notary costs of € 75 you can - as a usual gift or gift annuity.


PostHeaderIcon Testament

The course will be in the first place to settle your estate for your immediate family. It is also possible to state SMPG as an inheritor in your will. This is, after your death (also) entitled to your estate. This should always be determined by the notary stating the name of the payee and the registration.

Example of an inheritor, "I appoint unto my sole inheritor, jointly and in equal shares:
     1. SMPG, adress, Waalre
     2. Other heirs.

If the deceased has left no will, the law determines how property is distributed. Broadly speaking, this looks like this:


  • Married / no children: The spouse inherits everything.
  • Married / Children: The inheritance is divided equally among the spouse and children.
  • Married / kids: The children inherit everything.
  • Single / no children's parents and siblings: The children of brothers and sisters inherit.
  • Single / no children, parents (of children), siblings: The property is divided, one half to paternal family, the other half to the family on the mother's side.

PostHeaderIcon Legacy

A bequest is a special order, for a deceased person or persons (or Foundation) of certain goods, a certain amount, or certain effect. A bequest in a will is always included. It is cheaper to record all legacies and inheritances to the notary together. When drawing up a will there is still a legacy to include the notary.